Professional Offices

1980-date Berkeley Campus Representative, Steering Committee
University of California Group in Economic History
University of California, Systemwide

1980-1983 Board of Editors, Journal of Economic History

Economic History Association

1985-1989 Founding Trustee, Cliometric Society

1986-1991 Board of Editors, Explorations in Economic History

1987-1995 Associate Editor, Research in Economic History

1989-1990 President

1990-1993 Trustee

Economic History Association

1989-1990 Member of the Economics Advisory Panel

National Science Foundation

1990-date Member of the Executive Committee

International Economic History Association

1991 Chair, Ad Hoc Task Force on the Economic History of Global Change

National Science Foundation

1993-date Representative to the American Economic Association and the

Allied Social Science Associations

Economic History Association

1996-date Co-Editor in Chief


Historical Statistics of the United States, Millennial Edition

To be published by Cambridge University Press In cooperation with the United States Bureau of the Census

1996-date Member of the Advisory Board, Economic and Business History Abstracts Economic Research Network

1997-1998 Member of the Steering Committee "Economic and Social Impacts of Computing and Communications"

Computer Sciences and Telecommunications Board National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences

1998-2002 Associate Member of the Bureau and

Chair of the International Committee on Reform

International Economic History Association